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Tips To Open Zip Files & To Bulk Import In Silhouette Studio

If you have purchased or downloaded cut file designs, to cut on your Silhouette machine, from sites such as So Fontsy, it's very likely that the designs were delivered in zip files. So how do you unzip a file and perform a bulk import? Well. first let's get everyone on the same page. zip file in silhouette studio     What is a zip file? Well, no fear Melissa has the answer for you! A zip file is simply a way for multiple files to be compressed and delivered in one single folder. Don't worry this will be painless! Trust us. Let's say you purchase the ginormous Bundle of Bundles from So Fontsy.  The bundle includes about 685 different personal and commercial use designs!   Bundle of Bundles  

It seems like a daunting task to zip and unzip but don't you worry!

Downloading Zip Files onto Your Computer

When you download this SVG/PNG bundle to your computer, you have the option to download all the files individually or you can download the Quick Zip file which contains all of the SVG designs in one zip folder. Learn how to download these files and much more by going to our easy step by step tutorial on the Silhouette School Blog!

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