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Sublimation Tumbler for Beginners

Here we take things back to basics to show you how to make sublimation tumblers for beginners!


What do you need for sublimation tumblers?


First, it's really important to make sure you are using a tumbler designed for sublimation!



Second, for beginners making a sublimation tumbler, print a ready-to-use skinny tumbler sublimation wrap design for straight tumblers on an entire piece of 8.5 by 11-inch sublimation paper. And after printing trim off any white space from the printed sublimation wrap. Don't worry that the color looks faded - that's normal.



This skinny tumbler PNG design file with the added rose gold monogram we're using is for a 20 oz sublimation tumbler. Grab these designs in the Giant Printable and Sublimation Bundle!



You are also going to need sublimation heat tape and a mug/tumbler press. Be sure to also have some pot holders or oven mitts close at hand because the tumbler will get very hot in the press!



Then use the sublimation heat tape to firmly secure it to the sublimation tumbler. Don't be afraid to use lots of tape!



Sublimation tumblers for beginners with mug press


Warm the mug press up to 350 degrees F and press in 4 sections: first half of tumbler with seam side of template facing up, then second half of tumbler with seam side up.



Then, rotate 180 degrees (seam side now facing down) and press the second half and first half of the tumbler. Each section should be pressed for 50 seconds at 350 degrees. 



If you have a tumbler press, you can press in just two sections: seam side up, then seam side down for 50 seconds at 350 for each section.


Let cool and remove the sublimation tumbler wrap to reveal your DIY sublimation tumbler!



Using this sublimation tumblers for beginners tutorial, try making one for yourself!



And grab the perfect sublimation wrap templates and designs from the Giant Printable and Sublimation Bundle!



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