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Sublimating on Glitter HTV (Sublimation on Cotton and Darks Hack)

Bundle promotions in this blog post have expired - you can find the pumpkin sunflower design HERE.  

For sublimation you normally need two things: a light colored surface and a high polyester count. 

However, white glitter HTV is the perfect solution for when you need to sublimate on a dark or cotton textile like this cotton, canvas bag.

We're using the Sunflower Pumpkin design from the September SVG and Font Bundle


This blog post assumes you know the basics of how to use a sublimation printer and how to cut glitter heat transfer vinyl with your machine, so we're just going to jump right in.

To sublimate on white glitter HTV, you'll need to cut out and weed the base shape of your design in HTV...


... and print out the design on your sublimation printer. We are using a Sawgrass SG1000.
Press the HTV piece onto the surface as you normally would. 

Then, increase the temperature of the heat press to 400 degrees for 60 seconds. 
Take the sublimation print out and trim close to the edge - at least in a few areas. 

Then flip the sublimation print onto the HTV piece, using those trimmed edges to lined up the sublimation sheet. Use high temperature tape to secure the print in place while you press with a heat press.

When the press is complete, remove the tape and the sublimation paper...

and you'll see the beautiful, vibrant colors have been transferred to white glitter heat transfer vinyl! 

 Check out the project tutorial video:


Evelia Thornton

- October 12, 2023

I keep seeing this but haven’t tried it …. using the glitter vinyl, won’t the design be on top of the little bag instead of pressed directly into like with other sublimation projects ? Is it better to do it this way so you don’t have to layer so many colors of HTV vinyl?
I’m pretty new to sublimation so I appreciate the tips !!! Thanks !!!


- October 10, 2022

Thank you very much, I’m new to sublimation and these instructions we’re easily read, what a great way to use sublimation.


- September 13, 2021

Thanks for showing me your way of putting sublimation on via glitter HTN

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