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Silhouette CAMEO 4 Features, Price, and Pre Order

The Silhouette CAMEO 4 will be released later in 2019. Compared to the Silhouette CAMEO 3, the CAMEO 4 will have updated features, cutting ability and three times the speed. Silhouette CAMEO 4

Silhouette CAMEO 4 Features

  • Increased Downward Force - up to 5kg (5000 g)
  • Increased Cutting Speed - About 3x Faster than CAMEO 3
  • Ability to use Silhouette Rotary Blade
  • Ability to use Silhouette Kraft Blade
  • Single tap AutoBlade
  • Larger Tool Carriage Housing
  • Gear Driven Tool Carriage to accommodate Rotary Blade, Kraft Blade, and new Auto Blade
  • Touch Panel
  • Auto Tool Detection
  • Built-in Pull Out Roll Feeder
  • Retractable Cover

12" CAMEO 4 Price

The price will start at $299 for the base machine with Silhouette CAMEO 4 bundles starting at $329. Silhouette School and Swing Design - who will begin pre-orders of the Silhouette CAMEO 4  in late summer - were both at Silhouette America's 2019 Summit meeting in Hawaii earlier this month.  The Silhouette CAMEO 4 was just one of several new Silhouette machines in 2019.  Silhouette America also announced it will release a 15" Silhouette CAMEO Plus and 20" Silhouette CAMEO Pro. Both of the wider Silhouette machines are expected to be released in early 2020.
More details on the Silhouette CAMEO 4 including how it compares to the Silhouette CAMEO 3 and Cricut Maker can be found on Silhouette School Blog.


Theresa Fiertner

- August 11, 2020

I have the silhouette cameo that I just took out of the box. Ive had it for years. will it still work properly and can I buy bundle for it. What can I do with it? New to this and was very intimadated by the computer part of it so I kept using my Cricket but now ready for some advanced learning.

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