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Sealing Vinyl on Keychains using UV Resin

Bundle promotions in this bog post have expired. You can find the design we used HERE.

Are you ready to make your own multi-colored vinyl keychain? With the power of your Silhouette machine and a little help from some UV resin, you can create professional looking DIY creations. Let's walk through the steps to craft a multi-colored vinyl keychain that will last.


First you will want to choose a design. I chose this beautiful palm tree sunset design from the Keychain Crafts Bundle. This bundle has a whopping 353 designs and 4 fonts to make an endless possibility of keychains!

First you will bring in your design and create guide boxes for easy layering. I also like to make a outside square that helps me have the same size vinyl after I cut it on my Silhouette. This helps with my layering process.

Time to cut! Click 'send' at the top right hand corner of your Silhouette Studio screen. From that panel you will want to change from 'simple' view to 'fill' view. This helps you chose which fill color you will cut each time. I started at the bottom 'teal' filled layer. So I made sure my 'Teal' box was checked and my 'no fill' box was checked. This allows only my teal and guide boxes to be cut.

 You will continue cutting each layer color by changing the checkboxes before cutting.

 After you have all the layers cut you will cut off the excess vinyl. This is when the outside box i cut becomes important.

Weed each layer. 

Take a piece of transfer tape and begin layering each color. You do this by lining up your guide boxes, burnishing, peeling off the backing and repeating for each layer.


After you have them all stacked you will place on your acrylic keychain. Yes, I realized after the fact that the tree should have been my first layer but it is okay, after I placed the sun lines I placed the tree separately.


Then, it is time for the uv resin. You will put on gloves and start slowly adding UV resin on top of the vinyl. You can pick up the acrylic and slowly move it around this cause the UV resin to spread out on the surface. I also used a popsicle stick to spread it out where it just wasn't wanting to move to.

Then let it sit for a minute to allow some of the air bubbles to come to the surface and for it to self level.

 Next Place it under a UV light at 60 second intervals, until it is no longer tacky. I did 3 minutes on the front and flipped it on the back for an additional 60 seconds.

Now that you have the skills and the supplies, you can wow your friends with your own personal creation! Making a multi-colored vinyl keychain is an easy and fun craft project that anyone can do in no time.

So break out your Silhouette machine, grab the Keychain Bundle, and some UV resin and let’s get crafting!

Watch the video here: 

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