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Ready To Make Earrings That You'll Drool Over?! (VIDEO)

Listen to your ears! It's time to make them happy with some new earrings! Whether you like more dressy earrings (like the cute ones below) or ones to wear the next time you go to the ballpark, So Fontsy has you covered! so fontsy earrings These earrings are so easy to us! Melissa recorded this tutorial for you too can make earrings to absolutely die for? Let's jump right in, shall we? So if you are ready to craft up a fashion statement the Earring 2.0 bundle is chock full over 241 bar drop, tear drop and other adorable designs! so fontsy earring bundle Oh, did I mention there are 9 card templates as well?! It doesn't get any better than than the So Fontsy Earring 2.0 bundle, so check it out before it expires on 8/16! Your ears will thank you later!

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