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Bulk Importing Designs from So Fontsy in Silhouette Studio

To import all designs from a So Fontsy design bundle into Silhouette Studio at the same time, you can bulk import. First download and unzip the So Fontsy bundle on your computer. Open Silhouette Studio and open the the library. Open a folder or create a new one where you want the designs to be stored. Open a finder window on your computer and navigate to the unzipped So Fontsy bundle folder. Expand it so you can select all of the designs. DO NOT SELECT THE FOLDERS THEMSELVES. You only want the files to be selected. With the files select, drag and drop them directly into the library folder. The library may take a few minutes for the designs to process. When it’s finished the new file number next to the folder should match the number of designs that were bulk imported.


Diane Williams

- September 17, 2021

Just dropping a line to thank you for your tutorials! I really appreciate you doing this! I am very new (less than 1 yr) at this silhouette machine, and I needed your help. You talk fast, or I listen slowly lol but it helps to have the videos and written tutorials that I can go back to. Please know, you are so helpful!!! XO, Diane, Tennessee

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