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Need Help Finding Lost Fonts In Silhouette Studio?

Have you ever installed a font that went missing? Need help finding lost fonts in Silhouette Studio? No worries! Here are 3 reasons why fonts aren't in the text style list! fonts not showing in silhouette studio So you just bought the Dingbats font bundle from So Fontsy and they have gone astray?

ding bats bundle

1) Fonts Aren't Fully Installed

Fonts must be both downloaded AND installed. If you only download the font on your computer but do not move forward with installing the font, it will not be accessible on your computer at all - not in Silhouette Studio or any other program. You can see here the Windswept font is downloaded but, it's 1) not unzipped and 2) not installed. missing fonts First it must be unzipped... (still not installed at this point) missing fonts Once the OTF or TTF file is double clicked the installation will begin. Now you can see the font is installed as it appears in FontBook on my Mac. missing fonts To learn other reasons why your fonts are not showing up, please visit the Silhouette School Blog!

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