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Mica Powder Stenciled Polymer Clay Earrings

The bundle promotion in this post has expired but you can find the design and the holiday SVG collection here! 


Eek! I love craft projects where I can get a little more artistic. I used the Ikonart and Silhouette machine to craft a personalized stencil. While crafting the earrings, prior to baking the clay, I carefully positioned the stencil and applied a touch of mica powder to add the design to the clay surface. Following this, I cut out the earring shapes using clay earring cutters and put the clay in the oven for 15-minutes at 250 degrees. To finish the project, I applied a sealing layer of UV resin and added the necessary hardware. 


Snag the exact design I used on this project by grabbing the Valentine's Day SVG + Font Bundle. This incredible bundle, originally valued at $133.70, is now available for just $15.99, giving you a whopping 88% discount. It is a collection of 206 designs and three fonts. Don't pass up on this fantastic deal!



- January 19, 2024

Thank you, this is awesome! It’s all pretty new to me, but it’s inspired me to get my Silhouette out! Maybe I can try making money doing what I love! Thanks for your blog, Free files, (still figuring out how to convert them), tutorials & craft ideas too! I love it all!

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