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Kids Fall Craft: Upcycled Jack O Lantern Containers

Bundle promotions in this blog post have expired - find the designs we used HERE



The jack o lantern face designs can be found in the Kids Fall & Winter SVG Design Bundle.



We are using a Tide Pods container which is perfect because it's orange and has a flat side.




Peel off the labels from your container.

Goo Gone works well to remove residue from the stickers. You can also use a plastic scraper to assist you. 




Wipe off the container from the residue and clean off with rubbing alcohol.



Now cut and weed your jack o lantern faces



Apply transfer tape. We are using our favorite red squeegee



Now place the vinyl decal onto the pumpkin in position and add a piece of washi tape to hold the design in place.



Lift the bottom portion of the vinyl decal and remove the backing. Firmly burnish it onto the pumpkin.




Remove the tape and the rest of the backing and burnish the rest of the vinyl decal onto the pumpkin.



We added some tiny led lights to create a glowing jack o lantern for our fall decor. It looks adorable!



Check out the full video below:




Leticia Sabaga

- August 19, 2021

this is a great idea, can’t wait to do a few. I usually throw them in the recycle bin

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