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How to Use Sublimation Tumbler Wraps

Bundle deals have expired in this blog post - you can find the designs we used HERE and HERE

Sublimation tumbler wraps making sublimating skinny tumblers super fast and easy. 

How to Use Sublimation Tumbler Wraps | Free Tutorial So Fontsy


The templates are perfectly sized for 20 oz skinny tumblers (or 30 oz tumblers) and therefore all you have to do is print it out, wrap, and press and you're done! 

So Fontsy has a large number of commercial free tumbler wrap templates includes glitter sublimation templates - two of which are included in the Mug and Tumbler Bundle. 

Simply download your purchase, unzip the zip file and open the sublimation template PNG file in your printer software. We are using Sawgrass Print Manager which doesn't require the file to be sized or's ready to print on our Sawgrass SG400. 

Once the sublimation template is printed we recommend trimming off one of the shorter edges of white to avoid a gap in your design. 

Start wrapping your sublimation tumbler from that end making sure it's positioned so both the top and bottom lips will be full sublimated. After the entire wrap is around the tumbler, secure the seam with tape. 

Folder over the top and bottom edges and secure tightly with tape. 

You can sublimate in a convection oven that'd dedicated for sublimating or by using a mug press and pressing in 4 sections (top and bottom then rotate 180 degrees and top and bottom again) Each section should be pressed for 50 seconds at 350 degrees. 

You'll get beautiful results! We especially love the glitter sublimation tumblers which don't actually require any glitter or epoxy - it's 100% sublimation! 

Both of the above sublimation tumbler wrap templates are included in the limited time Mug and Tumbler Design Bundle - along with about 100 other SVGs and sublimation templates. 



You can watch a quick video of how to sublimate a skinny tumbler here

How to Use Sublimation Tumbler Wraps | Free Tutorial So Fontsy



- February 07, 2022

Beautiful and looks so easy. Do you overlap at the seam?

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