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How to Shape Laser Cut MDF with a Rotary Tool | DIY Unique Kitchen


Ready to add a unique touch to your kitchen décor? Learn how to make a stylish sign with a rotary tool and MDF! In this blog post, I’ll be showing you how to use a rotary tool to shape MDF wood into something that looks great in any kitchen. Get ready for an easy and fun project – let’s start crafting! 

First you will want to laser cut your design of choice out of MDF. I use these cut utensil designs that can be found in the Single Line Font + Design Bundle that has 709 designs and 3 fonts! 


Once you have it cut and unmasked grab your rotary tool, I am using a Ryobi Lithium Rotary Tool. I love this tool so much because it is not bulky and it super easy to handle. I like using a speed of 2-3 with a sandpaper bit. From there I slowly move it around the edge knocking of the edge making it more rounded and organic. Tip: go slow and let the tool do the work.

Next, take a fine grit sandpaper and smooth out the MDF. This allows a nice surface for painting.

After you have it prepped, it is time to spray paint. I use a metallic spray paint.

One the spray paint has dried it is time to glue the utensils to your sign board. I also added a foil quilled 'Let's Eat' tag to the bottom.

Thanks for joining me on this journey of making a stylish kitchen sign with a rotary tool and MDF! You have now gained some knowledge you need to throw together a unique piece of décor that will turn heads. So get creative! Show off your unique crafting skills and make something beautiful that you can be proud of.


Head on over to get all the designs you need to make this project here in the Single Line Font + Design Bundle.


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