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How to Put Vinyl on Underside of Glass Cutting Board

If you're wondering how to seal vinyl on a glass cutting's actually best to put vinyl on the underside of the glass. 

A best practice with adhesive vinyl is that it shouldn't come in contact with food. To personalize a glass cutting board with vinyl, it's best to put the vinyl on the underside. 

Personalized cutting boards are a popular gift item for new home owners, newlyweds or as a housewarming gift.  This Mr and Mrs design from the Monogram SVG and Font Bundle makes a great cutting board that can be used for more than just display IF it's made food safe by putting the vinyl on the underside of the cutting board.

In order for the vinyl to stick to the underside of a cutting board you'll want to mirror the design. Mirroring is when you horizontally reverse your design before cutting it out.

When you mirror an adhesive vinyl design and then put the vinyl on the underside of glass, you'll actually be seeing the adhesive side of the vinyl (which is the same color as the vinyl) through the cutting board.

Then when you flip the glass over so the top of the glass is up, the design will look correctly orientated AND your glass cutting board with vinyl will be food safe.



- April 12, 2023

thank you! I was looking for how to do this for cheap mother’s day gifts and couldn’t find an easy explanation.

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