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How to Print an SVG in Silhouette Studio


This step by step tutorial will show you how to print an svg file in Silhouette Studio and create your own DIY printable coloring pages.




Open Silhouette Studio Basic Edition and set up your page in the Page Set Up panel for printing on a letter sized piece of paper.



Check the box at the bottom that says Show Print Border – this will show your printer margins (light gray box) in the design workspace so you’ll want to keep everything inside those lines to make sure they print.


Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (and up) - Use SVG file

If you’ve upgraded your Silhouette Studio software to at least Designer Edition then you will just open your SVG file by going to File >> Merge and selecting the SVG saved on your computer.



Isn't this little dino so adorable? Grab this Valentine's Day SVG in the Big Love SVG and Font Bundle!




Group the design together and resize it appropriately for your project. Turn the design into a printable coloring page by giving it a black stroke and selecting no fill color in the top menu.



However, you could print this image in any color you like! That's the beauty of printing an SVG - you can choose any color or digital pattern!


Silhouette Studio Basic Edition - Use DXF file

If you’re using the free version of Silhouette Studio then you’ll need to open the DXF file which is normally included in So Fontsy SVG file downloads.  



Allow time for the file to open. Group and resize the design.

There it is! DXF files don't open with fill colors so you don't need to make any changes to the fill color to turn this image into a coloring page.




Add weight to lines for printing

No matter what file you open, you must add a line weight in order for the lines to print.

Select the design, then increase the line weight to greater than zero. 1.0 is a good size for a coloring page. The larger the number, the thicker the line.



Now go to File >> Print. Here you'll see a print preview.

Don't see anything in the print preview? Check to make sure the lines in your design have a line weight that is greater than zero. 

Click Print.




Print on smooth white cardstock.



You can make these printable coloring page Valentine's Day cards by grabbing the design files for them in the Big Love SVG and Font Bundle!



Watch the video tutorial below: 


PIN it for later:

how to print an svg design in silhouette studio

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