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How to Make a Full Color Transfer with Uninet iColor White Toner Printer

Full color transfers are a great alternative to heat transfer vinyl because they are fast to print and come out ready to press!

You can also use the designs you already have to print to your white toner transfer printer. This beginner tutorial will walk you through how to use the Uninet iColor White Toner Printer to print ready to press heat transfers at home!

We're using the Cookie Baking Crew design from the Mini Christmas Bundle.

The PNG version of the design is already filled with color so we can immediately open it in the iColor ProRip software.  

In ProRip go to File > Open Image. Select either the PNG or JPEG version if they're already full color.

Right click to use the scale tool to size the design. 

If you need a refresher on more details on how to use the ProRip Software check out this beginner iColor ProRip software tutorial

Send the design to print on the Uninet white toner printer. We are using the Uninet iColor 560 for this tutorial. 

The heat press must be warmed up to 310 degrees. Once it is, close the press for a full 5 minutes to warm up the lower platen. 

Then open the press and place the printed transfer down with the printed side of the A sheet up. Cover with the B side. Cover with Kraft paper. 


Press on medium pressure for 120 seconds. 

When the time is up open the heat press and rub the design for about 5 seconds to just SLIGHTLY cool it. Don't remove it from the bottom platen of the heat press. 

From a corner pull the B sheet off in a diagonal motion. 

If you are going to immediately press the full color transfer onto a substrate, lower the temperature of the press to 300 degrees and reset the time for 30 seconds. 

Place the full color transfers onto the shirt, towel, bag or other fabric and press for 30 seconds. Cover with kraft paper.

Let the heat press transfer cool completely before peeling away the clear sheet. 

Return the shirt to the heat press and cover with the kraft paper. Press for another 20 seconds on 300 and press one final time. This last press will remove the high gloss finish on the transfer.

Here's a quick video to show the process of how to print a full color transfer with the Uninet iColor 560 White Toner Printer.

Don't forget to grab the Mini Christmas SVG Design Bundle while it's only $5! 

And if you want to save this Uninet icolor tutorial for later, pin this image! 


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