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How to Perfectly Center Heat Transfer Vinyl

Having trouble centering your heat transfer vinyl designs? Look no further because this little trick will making centering designs easier and faster. Bonus - no measuring!

How to Easily Center Heat Transfer Vinyl

You can find the Hello Fall design used in this pillow project in the Whimsical Crafter's SVG Bundle.




After your cutting machine cuts out the design into heat transfer vinyl, take a paper trimmer and trim out a rectangle around the design. Cut as close as you can to edge of the design making sure not to cut through any part of it at all.


And then weed out the excess HTV.


Next, you're going to fold the weeded HTV rectangle in half, both horizontally and vertically. Note: stick the carrier sheet onto a piece of parchment paper so it won't stick to your work surface.



Your fold lines should be visible across the entire design and intersect in the very middle of the design. Note: fold lines in the HTV will disappear during pressing.



Now, fold the pillow in half horizontally and press it in your heat press in the folded position for about 3-5 seconds.



Then, fold the pillow in half the other way and press this fold for 3-5 seconds.



Now, you'll have two visible fold lines that intersect in the middle of the pillow.



Then, align the fold lines of the HTV rectangle with the fold lines on the pillow to perfectly center the design in the middle of the pillow! Press HTV.




It couldn't get much easier than that!



How to Easily Center Heat Transfer Vinyl

Grab the design used in this project from the Whimsical Crafter's SVG Bundle, and check out the tutorial timelapse below:

so fontsy whimsical crafters commercial free svg design bundle

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