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How to make Storage Labels Using Cricut Joy Pens and Smart Vinyl

Organization is key to staying creative when it comes to crafting and DIY projects. Are you looking for an effective way to keep your craft room neat and tidy? The Cricut Joy Pens and Smart Writable Label Vinyl provide the perfect solution. They help you create custom and organized labels that can be used anywhere in your craft space. With this labeling system, it’s easy to quickly identify and find items, allowing you to work with fewer distractions. Read on for more details about how to make this handy label system!

First you will want to make a temporary rectangle the size of your storage system. Mine was a craftsman drawer storage with the face of the drawers being roughly 2x1 inches. From there choose the label and size it to fit within that temporary rectangle.

 Next, choose an adorable single line/ hairline font to fit within your label shape of choice. I am using Lovebug and the Nesting Shapes from the Single Line Font + Design Bundle.

Repeat this as many times as you need for your storage solution!

Set the different elements of your labels to their proper settings- For my writable parts, I changed the operation to pen and changed the color to wine. Note the color on screen does not matter as much as the color you place in your machine.

 Once you have the different steps set you will want to select everything and 'Attach' them. This is very important because if you do not attach the design the program will move things around you pen will choose not to write on the proper place on the cut label.

 Next it is time to 'MAKE IT'. In the next screen you will choose 'without a mat'> 'Smart Label Writable Vinyl' and load in the pen and vinyl.

Press go and watch your machine begin to write out your labels. Is it just me or is this SO satisfying to watch?

Once it is done writing the Cricut Joy machine will alert you to change the pen out for the blade. Once you have done so click 'Go' and watch as it cuts out those perfect labels for your storage organization.

All that is left to do is pull the labels off the backing sheet and place them on your drawers. 

Now you can see that with Cricut Joy Pens and Smart Writable Label Vinyl, you can create a labeling system that’s both easy to use and super efficient. these labels are quick and easy to make, giving you the perfect solution for organizing your craft room. Not only that, but they are also customizable, so you can make sure your labels match your creative vision perfectly. Whether you’re organizing a drawer or a shelf, these pens and vinyl will help keep everything organized.

Don't wait any longer - give your craft room a creative boost today making this project with the Big Single Line Font and Design Bundle!




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