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How to make a 3d Paper Bunny Box with a Puff Vinyl Accent

Create your own bunny box filled with eggs this Easter! With this tutorial and the help of a Puff Vinyl Accent, you can make a unique and adorable 3D paper bunny box. You'll learn how to assemble the design pieces and craft an intricate 3D structure. Ready to put your crafting skills to the test? Let's get started!First you will want to pick a design. I am using the Bunny Cube box design from the 3D SVG Bundle with 66 perfect 3d layered designs!

Next you will want to set your design up to cut. I am doing 2 colors, which mean I will make two different cuts. One with the lid of the box and the other with the base of the box.Once I have my pieces cut I will begin to fold the box on the perforated lines. All folding into the same common center. Once you have it all folded you will begin assembling with glue. I chose to use crafting tape. Next repeat the steps with the lid of the box. The extra single square that fits into the lid you can add in in the box as is or you can head on over to the silhouette school blog where I show how you can add texture with puff vinyl.

You've successfully put together a stunning 3D paper bunny box with the help of this tutorial. You can decorate the box to your liking and add a special touch with the puff vinyl accent - it will be sure to stand out in any Easter basket or display!

Crafting projects like these are a great way to get creative, have fun, and create something beautiful in the process. Grab the 3d SVG Bundle to get started—you could be well on your way to crafting something truly unique! 


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