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How to Layer Vinyl to Create Faux Stained Glass


Here's a project that is sure to impress - faux stained glass created by layering vinyl. In this tutorial, we're sharing a super important tip to make this project a success more below.

Open up the stained glass mosaic pumpkin SVG design, which is part of the enormous August 2022 SVG Design & Font Bundle.


August 2022 SVG & Font Bundle from So Fontsy


We're using Silhouette Studio to set up our stained glass design.




Add registration marks (two squares) above the design.



Place the black outline piece over to the side (for now) with a copy of the registration marks.



Select all the pieces of one color in the SVG. Here all the dark green pieces are selected.

Here's the super important, extremely helpful trick that helps ensure project success - add a tiny offset around all the selected pieces - 0.015 inches.



Select the offset and place it off to the side with a copy of the registration marks. Group together and change the color to dark green.



Repeat those same exact steps with every single color of the SVG - except the black outline. Don't add an offset to the black outline.



Cut each layer out of vinyl. For the black outline, we used Oracal 651 black vinyl.



For the colored vinyl, we used Oracal 8300 which is a colored transparent vinyl which really helps sell the stained glass effect!




Now it's time to layer all of the vinyl pieces. 

The small offset helps to ensure there aren't any gaps between the colored vinyl and the black outline. 



Check out this blog post for more on how to layer vinyl with registration marks.

With all the vinyl layered, you can then apply to a piece of glass.




We applied this to the glass front of a shadow box (from Michaels) and just left off the backing to let the light shine through. And isn't that cool?




Grab this design in the August 2022 SVG and Font Bundle


August 2022 SVG Design & Font Bundle


Watch the project video below:

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How to Layer Vinyl Easily with This Trick Tutorial 



- August 14, 2023

so cool! where did you find the oracle 8300?

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