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How to HTV a Hat without a Hat Press

In this tutorial, we'll be showing you how to press heat transfer vinyl onto a hat without using a hat press.

A hat press is a piece of specialty equipment designed specifically to press HTV on hats, but you don't need one to HTV a hat and get fantastic results. 




First, cut and weed your heat transfer vinyl.



The SVG design used in this hat project comes from the Huge Funny Quotes Bundle.



Place some folded up towels inside the hat work or anything else that is not heat sensitive to support the hat.

Besides heat, pressure is a necessary component to applying HTV, so with more support behind the hat, you’re going to be able to apply the pressure required.



Since you're not using a hat press apply this HTV, you'll use an iron instead. A regular home iron would work, but a mini iron like the Cricut Mini Easy Press is a fantastic option.

The Cricut Mini Easy Press is much lighter and more easily maneuverable.



Heat up your Cricut Mini Easy Press to the medium setting.

Another thing that will be very helpful is heat transfer tape, this is tape specially designed to be used to withstand that heat and a few pieces around the edge of the weeded transfer will help hold it in place on the hat.



Then, press the HTV in sections since the iron isn’t going to be able to cover the whole thing in one go.

Start at one edge and press the iron against the carrier sheet for about 10 -15 seconds total.

Then, move to the next section of the transfer and continue pressing until you've pressed the entire design.



Then, remove the carrier sheet.  If part of the design did not adhere, lay the carrier sheet back down and press that area again.



Then completely remove the carrier sheet when you’re done.



Now if this was your whole transfer you’d be done, but it is easier to work in smaller sections so consider cutting your transfer into smaller parts so you can work on smaller areas at one time.

You'll press this second piece of HTV just like the first, however, make sure to cover up the exposed HTV from the first press.

Cover it with a piece of parchment during pressing.



And then completely remove the transfer sheet and then that’s it!



You don't need any special hat press equipment to HTV a hat, just an iron and the results are fantastic.



Find the humorous design used on this hat in the Huge Funny Quotes Bundle.

And check out the tutorial video below:






- September 29, 2021

A great pressing form is a pressing ham used for pressing seams when sewing. Probably not a regular sewing notion of casual sewers today, but if your mother or grandmother sews, someone in their age group is more likely to have one tucked away!

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