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How to Foil and Cut with the Foil Quill and Silhouette Cameo 4

With the Silhouette Cameo 4, you can use the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill to add stunning foil accents to your projects.

The Cameo can then cut out these foiled accents which are perfect to add to scrapbook, art journal, or planner pages. Here’s how to do it!

First, open the foil quill design or designs in Silhouette Studio. I’m using words and quotes from the Kelly Creates (Vol 2) Foil Quill Mandala and SVG Starter Bundle. Arrange the designs on the bottom half of your virtual mat (you’ll see why this is important in a little bit).

Next, select all the designs and apply a small offset to them – I created an offset of 0.045 inches.

Change the line color of the offsets so that it is different than the outline color of the designs you want to foil. These offset lines will be your cut lines.

Then, in the Send panel click the Line Tab. Here, you have the option to select different settings for different line colors. For the black lines, I’ll select my custom Foil Quill settings. For the red lines, I’ll select the default material settings for cardstock.

Next, it’s time to set up your actual cutting mat.  Adhere cardstock to the lower half of your mat and cut a piece of Foil Quill foil that measures about the same size or just slightly larger.

Next, use washi tape to adhere all four edges of the foil over the cardstock. Try to get the foil as smooth as possible – that’s the key to getting a good foil.

Then, load your mat into your Cameo and load the preheated foil quill pen with the D adapter into carriage 1. With the Silhouette Cameo 4, the adapter D is recommended.

Next, return to Silhouette Studio and check only the box for the black lines. Then, click Send. Your Cameo will now foil your designs onto the cardstock.

When the machine is done foiling, DO NOT unload the mat. Instead, carefully peel up the foil. It should be fairly easy to remove since it shouldn’t be laying underneath the bar in the machine.

Discard the foil and remove the foil quill pen from the machine. Then, insert a cutting blade, like the AutoBlade into carriage 1.

Return to Silhouette Studio, and this time uncheck the box for the black lines and only check the box for the red lines (which are your cut lines). Then, click Send.

Your machine will now cut out around the edge of your foiled designs. Once it’s done cutting, unload the cutting mat and carefully peel up your foiled cut outs.

There are so many more foil quill designs in the We R Memory Keepers So Fontsy shop! Just think of all the things you can create!

Check out the time lapse process video: 

Find more foil quill designs HERE.

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Tina Wugalter

- May 04, 2021

Hello! Love all these tutorials! Can you foil with a Cameo 1?

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