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How to Easily Adjust Spacing Between Letters in Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space has a helpful feature called Font Kerning.

You can find it when searching for a font. In the top right corner of your font drop down window, there is an option that is automatically checked, called “Only Kerned Fonts.”

This filters the font search results to only show fonts that support kerning (both in Cricut and your system fonts.)

What is font kerning?

Font kerning means the space between your letters in any printed text.

Why use a kerned font?

If you use the “Only Kerned Fonts” option in Cricut Design Space, it will only show fonts that support having their letters optimally spaced together. The text is automatically welded together.

If you need to adjust a few letters, click Ungroup and then make your adjustments. Select the entire word and click Weld.

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