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How to Cut Multiple Scraps of Vinyl on One Cricut Mat

Bundle promotions in this post have expired - you can find the design we used HERE.

In this tutorial, we are showing you how to cut multiple colors on one Cricut mat. This Cricut hack is a great way to use your vinyl scraps, and works best when you are cutting all of your designs out of the same material with the same blade.

First, open your SVG design in Cricut Design Space. We're doing a Cricut monogram project! In our finished project, we want the gnomes to be cut in black vinyl and So Fontsy to be cut in pink vinyl.

The gnome split monogram frame is a design from the Mega Monogram SVG and Font Bundle.

Learn How to Use Scrap Vinyl with Cricut

Instead of making the different parts of the design different colors in Cricut Design Space, change the entire design to the same color.

Then click Make It. On the next screen, the different parts of the monogram in Design Space will now stay on the same mat. You can then click and drag the design parts to any area of the mat, but placing them in the corners are usually the easiest.

Use the grid boxes to align your vinyl scraps on your mat with where you placed them in Design Space. 

Then, select your material and blade settings and cut out the monogram. The Cricut doesn't actually know the vinyl scraps are different colors!

Weed the vinyl and apply the monogram decal onto your Cricut machine.

Have fun with this Cricut monogram project and give this Cricut hack for how to cut multiple colors of scrap vinyl on one Cricut mat a try!

Grab the gnome monogram frame from the Mega Monogram SVG and Font Bundle.



- January 14, 2021

that tutorial was awesome! Simple to understand! Thank you!


- January 14, 2021

thank you very much. this was very helpful


- January 14, 2021

that was absolutely a great video I never knew how to do that. I guess there are many things that I really don’t know how to do with my Cricut even though I’ve had them for years in my latest is the maker and the joy. Thank you for that beautiful informational video easy to understand

Barb Keating

- January 14, 2021

That was very helpful. I didnt know you could move stuff around. I love making stuff!

Nishtha Hudson

- June 14, 2020

This was easy to understand and very helpful.

Thank you!!!!

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