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How to Create Scratch Off Tickets with Cricut Maker


How to Create Scratch Off Tickets with Cricut Maker

Today we are going to learn how to make scratch off tickets using your Cricut Maker.

I am going to create Scratch Off Cards for Summer using the Popsicle Bundle from the So Fontsy Must Have Summer Bundle.

Open a New Project in Cricut Design Space.

Upload your design.

This Popsicle Bundle has so many cute monogram designs but I only need one. Select the file and click Ungroup. Delete the layers that you are not using.


Re-size the Popsicle layer/group to 2.25" H.


Let's add a rectangle. Click on shapes. Choose square and click the lock in the bottom left corner to unlock the dimensions.


Change the dimensions of the square to 4" W x 6" H. Change the color to white and put this layer at the bottom of your Layers list so it is behind the design.


Select the Popsicle layer/group and click Flatten. This will change your design into a Print Then Cut layer.


Duplicate the layer 2 times. Click Align - Center Vertically.

Space them by eye and then choose all 3 Popsicle layers and click Align - Distribute Horizontally.

This will make sure they are equally spaced.

Click Align - Align Top. When they are properly aligned and spaced, select all 3 layers and click Flatten.


Now Duplicate the layer and move the new layer of 3 designs below.


Select all of the layers, including the white background and click Align - Center Horizontally.

Select the popsicle layers and click Flatten. You will now have 2 layers - the 6 popsicles + the white rectangle.


Let's add our text. I am using the Lemonday Font, which is also part of the Must Have Summer Bundle.

Center the text above your popsicles and click Curve Text.

Change the color.


Select all layers and click Align - Center Horizontally.

Now select the text & popsicle layers and click Flatten.


It is time to add the words Try Again to 5 of the circles and You Win in 1 circle.

Use the Letter Spacing & Line Spacing to adjust the text.

Add the text to each circle. Then select all of the layers, except the white background rectangle, and click Flatten.


Last step is to create the circles to cover your text. These will be cut out of the Gold Scratch Off Sheets.

Create a small circle to cover the text area and duplicate 5 times. Select all 6 circles and click Group.


Hide this layer by clicking on the eye.

Now choose the flattened Print Then Cut layer plus the white rectangle and click Attach.


Click Make It.

Load card stock into your printer. When the Print Setup window appears, make sure you turn off the toggle that says "Add Bleed". We do not want a bleed added to the page.

Click Print.


After it has printed, place the card stock onto the Light Grip Cricut Mat and load the mat into the Maker. Click to start the cut.

Return to the project.

Hide the Printed layer and make the circles layer visible.


Click Make it to send them to be cut.

Place the Gold Scratch Off Sheet onto the mat, load and press to cut.

Remove the circles and place over the circles to hide the "Try Again" and "You Win" text.

Voila!! You just made your own Scratch Off Tickets using your Cricut Maker! Great job!!


Here is a video tutorial for my fellow visual learners:

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