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How to Bulk Upload & Import Products into Your So Fontsy Shop

You can bulk upload and import your product listings on So Fontsy! 

First, sign into your account and proceed to the vendor dashboard.

Click on Products.

Click on Bulk Import

Now you will need to download the Sample CSV Template.

How to Bulk Upload Products on So Fontsy b

Editing the CSV Template for Your Product Listings

The Sample CSV Template needs to be edited.

Here is an example of my shop CSV template so that you may create your own. Each row equals a product.

A. Handle (required) is used in the URL for each product. For example, the handle for "Christmas Cupcake SVG" should be christmas-cupcake-svg, and the product's URL would be

Every line in the CSV that starts with a different handle is treated as a new product.

B. Title (required) is the title of your product, such as Christmas Cupcake SVG

C. Product_type (required) is where you indicate the product type you are uploading.

Choose one of these and fill in:

  • SVG
  • Font
  • Digital Pattern
  • Mock Up Photo
  • Sketch Design
  • 3D Paper
  • Sublimation
  • Embroidery/Applique DESIGNS
  • Embroidery/Applique FONTS

D. Product_type_description (required) You can update this section here OR in your listing.

Use this code & update with the file types that are part of your product:

<h3>Purchase includes:</h3><li>Zip file containing: SVG, PNG, and DXF file types</li><li>Compatible with Silhouette Studio, Cricut Design Space, Scan N Cut, Adobe Illustrator and other cutting and design programs</li><li><a href="">So Fontsy Standard Commercial Use License</a></li>

E. Tags (required) You can update within the product listing too.

Add up to 13 tags.

Here are the category specific tags that allow your products to show up in the category sections of your shop (do not use parentheses):

  • SVGs: One of your tags must be “SVGs"
  • Mockups: One of your tags must be “mockups"
  • Kids: One of your tags must be “kids"
  • Quotes: One of your tags must be "quotes-and-sayings"
  • Food and Drink: One of your tags must be “food-drink"
  • Mini Bundles: One of your tags must be “mini-bundlesand priced over $4.99
  • Special Occasions: One of your tags must be “special-occasions"
  • Fonts: Product “Type” is Font and one of your tags must be “fonts"
  • Print & Cut: One of your tags must be “print-cut
  • Holiday: One of your tags must be “holiday
  • Sports: One of your tags must be “sports
  • Monograms: One of your tags must be “monograms
  • On Sale: The “Compare At Price” is not equal to $0 AND one of your tags must be “on-sale"

F. SKU (required) Your shop prefix-6 numbers, for example SOVG-062920. Each product MUST have a different sku or it will not import.

G. Price (required) The Price must be 1 or higher

H. Compare at price (not required) leave blank unless your product is on sale.

If it is on sale, put the regular price as the compare at price, and change the price to the sale price. For example: Compare at price = 4, Price = 1. This will show your $4 product on sale for $1.

I. Collections These are the site categories, such as family, farmhouse, holidays, food-drink, etc.

J. Published_at is the date the listing is published.

K. Close_at (not required) this would change your product to hidden, on the date you choose.

L. Is_Publish - leave as TRUE (this means your product is visible and not hidden).

M. body_html This is where you put the description of your product. Here is an example: You will receive the following design without a watermark: Christmas Cupcake SVG Design In the following formats: SVG | DXF | PNG You will not receive any physical items - this is for a digital download - all photos are examples of what you could create on your own.

N. seo_meta_title (not required) You can edit this in the product listing or here. Put your product title here, up to 70 characters.

O. seo_meta_desc (not required) You can edit this in the product listing or here. Put your product title description here, up to 70 characters.

P. Inventory-management - Leave as default, which is shopify.

Q. inventory_policy (not required) - You can leave blank.

R. inventory-quantity (not required) - You can leave blank.

S. barcode (not required) - You can leave blank.

T. Taxable - Leave this field as TRUE

Uploading Your Product CSV File

Once you have saved your .CSV file with your products, it is time to upload them to the website.

Click Choose File and select the .CSV from your computer.

Be sure to check off: Allow this product to be purchased when out of stock, Products should not have inventory tracked.

Click Upload File.

You will see this message at the top of your screen:

You will receive an email once your import is complete.

All of the imported products will show as drafts and you will need to go in and add images, zip files & update as needed.

Here is a video showing the upload process and what the drafts look like once they are imported:


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