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How to Break Up a Single Color Design in Silhouette Studio

Are you ready to learn the best tips and tricks for breaking up a single color design in Silhouette Studio? With this easy-to-follow guide, you'll be able to quickly and effortlessly split up any design into multiple parts – perfect for adding onto t-shirts, mugs, hats and planter pots like we will do in this tutorial! Let's get started now!


First you will want to choose your design. I chose the design We All Grow At Different Rates from the Home Grown Garden and Floral Bundle. This bundle has over 250 designs for under $10!



Let's say you found an amazing design and you wanted to split it up to put it onto multiple projects but when you opened it you see it is all grouped together as one piece. Well don't you worry, it is simple to break this up. First you will want to select the entire design.



Then you will click 'object'>release compound path.



This will break up all paths into separate shapes.


Once that is done you will want to remake the compound paths. This allows those hollowed out insides to reappear and join together with the surrounding paths. You will do this by selecting the paths you would like to join together and click 'object'>'make compound path'.



Continue this process with each part of the design.



For example by doing that with this design there are 4 different groups of paths.



Next, it is time to size the design for your project. I will be putting each of the plant pot drawings on 3 separate planters. So I created 3 squares the size that I would like my designs to be.



From there I placed each design into a square.



Then, I cut these 3 designs. I am thinking I will use the quote to make a cute sign to put above the planters on my shelf.



Next, weed the design and place them on the planter pots.




With this guide, you're now well-equipped to break up any single color design in Silhouette Studio. Not only will you be able to split up designs quickly and effortlessly, but you can also apply them onto multiple blanks – making your creative possibilities virtually endless!

Have fun, grab the Home Grown Garden and Floral Bundle, and get creative with all the amazing projects you can create with your newfound knowledge!


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