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How to Bleach Shirts with Vinyl in 3 Easy Steps

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How to Bleach a Black Shirt

It's fast and easy to bleach shirts with vinyl stencils. 

You can make these bleach shirts at home. Using a black shirt with bleach will give you a cool orange and white design which makes the perfect Halloween shirt in just three easy steps. 

Step 1: Make a Vinyl Stencil

Cut the design out of adhesive vinyl.

how to make a bleach shirt with vinyl

We used Oracal 651 and this halloween SVG from the October 2021 SVG and Font bundle

Weed the design, apply transfer tape and then stick it on the shirt. Peel back the transfer tape. 

can you put vinyl on a t shirt

Step 2: Spray Bleach the Shirt 

Wait for a sunny day and lay the shirt (we highly recommend these heathered black shirts) out flat with a piece cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the bleach from going through to the back.

how to do a bleach shirt with sun

Pour straight bleach into a spray bottle. 

Spray bleach the shirt. Watch as it starts to turn orange ... 

Bleach spray shirt with vinyl tutorial

The bleach will keep changing the shirt from black to a shade of orange then white until you stop the bleaching so work quickly to remove the vinyl BEFORE it gets too white. 

How to Stop a shirt from bleaching

Step 3: Stop the Bleaching

Rinse the shirt in equal part hydrogen peroxide and water (half a cup of each is plenty for 1 shirt).

How to bleach a black shirt orange and white

Throw the shirt in the washing machine, then the dryer in a load by itself. 

How to Bleach a halloween shirt with vinyl design

You're done! That's all there is to bleaching a shirt with vinyl! Want to save this project for later? Pin it! 

bleach shirts tutorial


Patricia McCluskey

- October 11, 2021

I’m definitely going to try this.

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