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How to Apply Vinyl to a Curved Surface

Putting vinyl on a curved surface is easy with this simple hack!

How to apply vinyl to a curved surface with the hinge method so fontsy


When applying vinyl to a curved surface, the most common problem you encounter is not having it wrinkle or crease. 

This step by step tutorial will show you how to apply vinyl to a curved surface using the hinge method.

Cut & weed your vinyl design.


We used the Sweet Farmhouse Font from the Best Fonts Bundle to create this "made with love" design, which is perfect for our stainless steel kitchen utensil holder.


best fonts bundle so fontsy


First apply your transfer tape using our favorite red squeegee



Remove the vinyl backing from your design but don't throw it away! You're going to use it to "hinge" your design around a curve.

Cut your backing piece in half (right down the center!)



Now re-apply it to the back of your vinyl design, but leave a small gap in the center:



Take the design and press it so it's centered & straight on the curved surface ( our stainless steel kitchen utensil holder.) 



This will leave you with the two "flaps" of vinyl with the backing attached.

Carefully fold back one side and press to the surface ensuring it's taut and has no wrinkles. You could even cut back a section at a time if you'd like.



Repeat with the other side:



Burnish the entire vinyl decal and remove the transfer tape.




And that's it! We hope this helped you apply vinyl to a curved surface with ease!



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- September 06, 2021

This is a variation of what I have seen for the hinge method. I think your method will make it easier for me to make my next project successful. Thank you! I nave a color changing tumbler waiting in the wings for a design.

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