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How to Apply Vinyl or HTV to Wine Glass Without Wrinkles


Having trouble getting that vinyl or HTV to lay flat against a round object like a wine glass? Try these quick hacks for much better results (and no wrinkles!)



The designs used in theses glasses can be found as part of the Huge Funny Quotes Bundle.



Depending on the wine glass and the design you're using for your project, you'll find that at times it may be easier or more difficult to get it to lay flat against the glass.

This is true whether you are using adhesive vinyl on transfer tape or heat transfer vinyl on a carrier sheet.

The picture below shows how this design (cut in HTV) will lay pretty flat against this stemless wine glass. Application is much easier when it works out like this!



However, if you have trouble getting your vinyl decal or heat transfer to lay flat against round glass, try cutting into the transfer tape/carrier sheet of the design (but through the tape/carrier sheet ONLY - do not cut the design).



This gives the tape/carrier sheet more flexibility so you can more easily bend it around the curve of the wine glass.

For even more flexibility, you can even cut out small v-shaped sections of the transfer tape/carrier sheet.



And for a heat transfer, a few pieces of heat transfer tape applied over the design holds it firmly in place.



When the design will lay more smoothly, you'll find that the vinyl/heat transfer application is much easier. And we like easier! Didn't it turn out great?!



Grab the designs used on these wine glasses in the Huge Funny Quotes Bundle and start making some humorous wine glasses of your own!



And check out the heat transfer vinyl on wine glass timelapse below:


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