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How to Add Vinyl to a Pumpkin

This step by step tutorial will show you how to add adhesive vinyl to a pumpkin or other curved surface.



This gorgeous monogrammed pumpkin was made with the Family Name SVG bundle. You can find it in the Monogram and Personalize It Bundle.



Cut & weed your adhesive vinyl decal. 

Cover with transfer tape


cut and weed your vinyl decal and place transfer tape over it


Trim away the excess around your vinyl decal.



Position your vinyl decal onto the pumpkin to see where it looks best.



Remove the backing of your adhesive vinyl.



Cut the backing in half.



Place the adhesive vinyl backing onto the back of the vinyl decal again, but leave a small gap.



Now place your pumpkin in a place where it is best for you. I am using my lap to rest it while I work on adhering the vinyl decal.



Place the decal onto the pumpkin and press the center area down. This is called the hinge method. 

Then remove one side of the backing and use your fingers to burnish the vinyl onto the pumpkin.



Repeat with the other side.

You can cut the transfer paper in different areas to help mold the design around your surface. Smaller sections are easier to work with. 



Another great way to help adhere vinyl to a curved surface, such as a pumpkin, is to use a blow dryer to help make the vinyl more pliable. Use low heat and this will help smooth out wrinkles.

You can also use an embossing tool that has small rounded ends to help get into the curves or texture of your pumpkin.



monogrammed pumpkin step by step tutorial so fontsy


Be sure to follow the So Fontsy YouTube channel for more projects & inspiration!





- September 03, 2021

So beautiful, I can’t believe the difference a monogram can make and make it look stunning. . I never thought to use the hair dryer to help the vinyl to shape around the substrate better.

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