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How to Add Vinyl to a Plastic PVC bag | Great Travel Idea

Have you ever thought of adding a touch of personal style to your travels? With vinyl applied to a plastic PVC bag, that unique, one-of-a-kind look can come to life and make all the difference. Whether you're taking an excursion across town or a cross-country journey, this crafty travel idea lets you add some flare to your trip - and with minimal cost and effort.

First you will want to choose a design. I saw the Sunshine Heals Everything design and thought it would be perfect to put on a Sunscreen Bag. This design is from the Big Beach and Travel Bundle. Enjoy over 100 designs and 4 fonts for 89% off! Then, you will bring the design in and size it for your bag.

 Next, send it to cut, Since I am using regular vinyl there is no need to mirror the design. 

 Then once it it cut you will want to weed your design.


Once it is weeded add transfer tape to the vinyl. 

 Then you will prepare your bag by unzipping it and placing a hard surface under the part you wish to add your design.


 Apply the design and remove the transfer tape. 

 This creative, cost-effective idea is a great way to stand out and add some personality to your travels. From packing lunch for a picnic in the park or loading up supplies for a weekend getaway, you can trust that your unique plastic PVC bag with vinyl artwork is sure to make an eye-catching statement no matter where you go! 

So what are you waiting for!? Head on over and grab the Big Beach and Travel bundle today!

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