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How Can I Thicken a Font to Make it Easier to Cut in Silhouette Studio?

Once the font is download, installed, and available in Silhouette Studio you can thicken it by creating an offset. Keep in mind, when creating an offset, the offset will take on the shape of the font in a more bold look, but the offset itself is not a font and therefore will not be treated as one. Instead it will be considered a shape which means the font style can no longer be changed or modified.

Start by typing out the text in a text box.  This tutorial uses the Buddy Mac font available on So Fontsy

After selecting the font style and size. Select the text and open the Offset tool from the right sidebar. Selecting "Offset" will put an offset at the default distance of .125" around the design.  That will be too thick.

Instead, adjust the offset distance to anywhere between .01 and .015 depending on the font style and font size.

When you’re satisfied with the offset, click “Apply.”  (I turned the offset line blue here so you could get a better visual.)

Move the original text (red here) away from the offset and delete it. Use the offset line to cut the text.


Diane L Shaffer

- July 07, 2020

Wow!!! Thank you so much. You made something that seemed impossible easy to understand.

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