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Heat Transfer Vinyl is not Just for Fabric | DIY HTV Bookends

Your bookshelves won’t know what hit them when you add a set of unique and fun DIY bookends! With my help, you can make your own that stand out from the ordinary. I’ll show you how to use HTV on Target Dollar Spot Bookends that are both practical and stylish. So go ahead - get creative and give your bookshelf a personal touch with some homemade DIY bookends!

First, you will want to bring in the SVG you plan on using. I used the 'Read More Books' svg that can be found in the January 2023 SVG and Font Bundle.

Next you will want to size the design to fit your bookends. I sized mine to roughly 3"x3".

Then, you will want to send it to your Silhouette. Making sure you have mirrored your image and selected the Heat Transfer-Smooth cut setting.

After you have it cut out and weeded you will place it down on your surface. I used a little bit of heat resistant tape to keep the HTV into place.

Next, use your Cricut mini press at full temp with light pressure to begin heating up and pressing the HTV in place. Pro tip: use a piece of teflon to protect your bookend, press, and HTV as you press.

You will take this step slow. I like to have the press constantly moving around the entire design, for about 10-15 seconds at a time. After each pass, slowly attempt to see if the transfer tape can be removed. If it cannot, repeat pressing it. Do this step until you are able to remove the transfer tape completely and the design has completely transferred to your blank.

If you're looking to make a lasting impression with your DIY projects, then HTV is the way to go. With its thinner and more durable material, it'll last longer and look as though it has been professionally printed. Plus, the matte finish gives it a modern touch that regular vinyl just can't match. So don't hesitate - when you need an elevated look for your crafts, choose HTV!

Don't forget to grab the January 2023 Font and SVG bundle and make your own bookends today!


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