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How to Foil and Cut with your Brother Scan N Cut

Add some shine to your projects with your Brother Scan N Cut SDX and the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill! It's really easy to create beautiful and shiny foiled projects! Follow the steps below to create this fun, foiled Halloween card! 

Set Up a Foil Quill Design in Canvas Workspace

First, start by opening Canvas Workspace, either the desktop or web version (I'm using the desktop version). Use the SVG button to import one (or more!) of your favorite Foil Quill designs. 

The designs in this card come from the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill shop

The rectangular frame comes from the Paige Evans Vol 2 Foil Quill SVG Bundle and the sentiments come from the Foil Quill Holiday Design and Phrase Bundle.


Why does the design look weird?


When the designs open in Canvas Workspace, they may look weird or just look like one big black shape. To fix that, highlight the entire shape/shapes and change the fill color to translucent and the line color to black.

If you don't change the fill color to translucent, then your Scan N Cut will "fill in" the shape with foil instead of just doing the outline. I'm leaving a fill color in part of the sentiment and you'll see the difference that makes after foiling.

Set your Draw Lines

Then, this next part is important. You need to highlight everything you want foiled and change the action of these design lines to Draw, located in the top menu.

You can also cut out this design with the Scan N Cut. Just keep the outermost rectangle of the design as a Cut line.

With cut and draw lines set in your design, you now need to export the design to your machine.

Prepare Mat for Foiling

Then, prepare your cutting mat by loading it with a piece of cardstock. Then, lay a piece of Foil Quill foil over the cardstock, completely covering the area to be foiled.

Smooth the foil as much as possible and adhere to the cardstock with washi tape. Make sure the washi tape doesn't extend over into the area to be foiled.

Then, load the mat into your Scan N Cut. Next, twist one of the Foil Quill pens into the B adapter (remember B for Brother). Plug the pen into a power source and let it warm up 5 minutes.

Retrieve Foil Quill design on your Scan N Cut

Retrieve the design on your Scan N Cut by selecting the Retrieve Data button on the Home Screen.

Then, you need to select an action for the Scan N Cut to do with your design.

Tap Please Select then tap Draw. This will tell your machine to draw on only the lines of the design that you have designated as Draw lines. 

On the next screen you should only see the lines to be foiled on the virtual mat. Then, remove the blade from the machine (if necessary) and load the warmed-up Foil Quill in the B Adapter in the tool carriage of the Scan N Cut.

Now, click Start.

The machine will start foiling. Just make sure the cord doesn't get in the way.

Remove Foil 

After the machine stops foiling, DO NOT UNLOAD the mat! Keep the mat loaded in the machine and very carefully remove the foil from the cardstock. Keep the cardstock in its position on the mat. 

 Remove the Foil Quill Pen from the carriage and insert the Auto Blade.

Then, on your machine, instead of selecting Draw, this time you will tap Cut.

Then, only the outside line you designated as a cut line will appear on the virtual mat. Just tap Start to cut it out!

After the machine is done cutting, remove your finished project from the mat. And there it is! A foiled and cut design that is ready to turn into cards, scrapbook, art journal pages, and much, much more.  

Note: see how the last line of the sentiment is "filled in" with foil while the rest is just an outline. Remember, that's because I left a fill color in that part of the design in Canvas Workspace while the rest did not have a fill color.


Find more gorgeous foil quill designs HERE.


Check out the video tutorial below (previously recorded live): 


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