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Embroidered Felt School Banner Tutorial

The School Embroidery Font found in the Machine Embroidery and Applique Designs Bundle is a great alphabet to use for schoolroom banners. Each letter is made up of different school supplies and comes in either 4x4 or 5x7 in size.

Here we show how to make a Pre K banner, but can also work for kindergarten or any grade.

Supplies needed:

Embroidered Felt School Font Banner 1

The felt banner shape can be cut out using the Silhouette Cameo 4 using the rotary blade. 

Embroidered Felt School Banner Tutorial 2

There are small cuts at the top of the banner to allow the ribbon to be threaded through.  Cut out a shape for each letter in the banner.

Once all the shapes are cut out, hoop some tear away stabilizer and make placement marks using a disappearing ink fabric marker and the grid that comes with the hoop.

Make placement marks on the felt.  Spray temporary adhesive on the hooped stabilizer and float the felt pieces on top using the placement marks as a guide.  Rub the felt down to ensure it is secured to the stabilizer.

Load the hoop and the School embroidery font letter you want to stitch onto your embroidery machine.  Once it is finish stitching, repeat this process for each letter in your banner.


When you are finish stitching all of your letters, remove any jump stitches using a small pair of scissors.  Then remove the stabilizer but just tearing it off.



If you can still see placement parks on the felt, you can use a tide pen to remove them.


The last step is to just string each letter onto some ribbon and hang up.

 School Font Banner Final Project

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So Fontsy Machine Embroidery & Applique Designs Bundle Preview

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