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DIY 3d Paper Mountain Landscape Clock

Learn how to create an amazing mountain scene paper crafted clock insert in no time! With this tutorial and the 3D Design Bundle from So Fontsy, you'll have everything you need to make a truly unique clock. We'll show you how to use your Silhouette machine to cut and assemble the design pieces. So get ready for some paper crafting fun - let's make something special with mountain scenes!First you will select a round shape design. I chose the mountain Landscape from the 3D SVG Bundle that has 66 layered SVGs perfect for unique home decor and gifts!  Next- measure the clock insert size.

Use your measurements (my outside was 9 1/8") and size your design circle to match. Also you will want to make a secondary circle where the hardware will be able to go through (Mine was 3/8") and then align it to the center.Start separating your layers making sure that any one that is touching the center circle you are making a compound path with the layer and the circle you have made. (Note this circle may need to be copied and pasted in place multiple times.)

From there pull all the layers to the side of your mat and get ready to begin cutting.Cut each layer using the cardstock- heavy setting.  Once all the pieces are all cut begin layering them from the back to the front.

Then once it is complete place the paper design in the clock base, add the hardware back in, and you have a unique clock to hang on your wall!Congratulations! You are now a pro at creating stunning mountain scene paper crafted clock inserts. With the help of this tutorial, you were able to create a beautiful clock insert that you can proudly show off and use for years to come. 

And isn't that what it's all about? Creating something unique and personal using the 66 layered SVGs in the 3d SVG Bundle So don't wait - start crafting today, and let your imagination take off!


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