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Digital Patterns: 7 Uses For Die Cutting

Ever wondered what the purpose of digital patterns were, and how on earth they would fit into crafting with your die cutting machine? We're here to show you 7 ways to use them, from custom vinyl to paper crafting!   Digital Patterns: 7 Uses For Die Cutting
  1. Fill Designs In Silhouette Studio With Digital Patterns: If you do Silhouette Print and Cut projects, especially, you'll find this three step process really useful!
  2. Turn Digital Patterns into Cut Files (or Backgrounds): What if you find a pattern that you like, but you want to use it as a background? It is possible and it is easy to do.
  3. DIY Vinyl Printing With Inkjet Printable Vinyl Sheets: Ever in need of a specific patterned vinyl, but can't find it? You can print full sheets of printable vinyl at home!
digital patterns to make vinyl decals   4. Use Digital Patterns to Make Custom Paper in Silhouette Studio: The secret is seamless patterns and the My Patterns folder! digital patterns to make custom papers   5. Add Digital Patterns to 3D Silhouette Studio Designs:  You can turn all those adorable boxes and 3D paper designs into Silhouette print & cut designs with a patterned fill! digital patterns mailbox 6. Fill Sticker Sheet Backgrounds with Digital Patterns: The added touch of a custom sticker sheet backing will take your sticker sets to the next more boring white! digital pattern decals   7. Custom Envelope Liners with Digital Patterns: Want to know an easy way to make custom size envelope liners using Pixscan and printable sticker paper? You're in luck! digital patterns envelope liner templates   Have you fallen in love with digital patterns yet? If so, the Digital Pattern and Background Bundle is full of 250 digital patterns!   Digital Patterns: 7 Uses For Die Cutting   And if you're wondering how you're going to import all 250 digital patterns into Silhouette Studio, here's the best way to bulk import digital patterns.   Happy crafting!

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