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Did You Know?? Large SVG Porch Signs Can Be Used on Small Projects!

Have you ever wanted to create a big statement in your home but didn't want to commit to a large project? Look no further! With Large SVG Porch Signs, you can easily spruce up your space without taking on a huge commitment.

First, you will want to choose your vertical porch sign. I picked the 'Well Howdy Y'all' design from the Vertical Porch Sign Bundle.

What is so great about these vertical porch signs is they work beautifully on anything that is vertical, like this Milk Can Vase I will be putting the Well Howdy Y'all design on.

Next you will load and size the design in your software. I will be using my Cricut Joy.

 After it is set to size, send it to cut. I am using black smart vinyl and all Cricut's default settings to cut this material. 

 After you have the design cut, you will want to weed off the extra vinyl you do not want put on your blank. Next, use transfer tape and transfer the decal to your vase. I like using a ruler to keep my vase from rolling around the table.

 Making a big statement in your home doesn't have to be a huge undertaking! With Vertical SVG Porch Signs, you can easily add a beautiful, eye-catching piece of decor that will last for years without needing large commitment of time or money.Just grab a vase and the Vertical Porch Sign Bundle and get to work making your next statement piece for your home.

 Watch the video here: 

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