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Cricut Design Space: How To Add Score Lines to Designs


Cricut Design Space: How To Add Score Lines to Designs

Score lines can create the perfect fold/crease for your project.

Let's look at how you can add score lines to your design in Cricut Design Space and get them ready to cut with your Maker or Explore.

First, let's upload our design(s) into Cricut Design Space. I am using designs from the Butterflies Bundle which is part of the April 2020 Bundle.

Select each layer and resize to 6" wide.

Change the color of each butterfly so you can see the score lines.

Click on Shapes and choose Score Line.


Move the score line so it is lined up where you would like to have the wing fold.

Duplicate the score line and add to the other wing.

You can adjust the score line by tilting it and shortening it. Just drag the corners.

Make sure the score line does not touch any other sections of the butterfly.


When they are placed properly, select the 2 score line layers & the butterfly from the layers panel.

Click Attach to keep your score lines in the right place.


Repeat the same steps for the other butterflies.


Click Make It. 


I am cutting these butterflies out of double-sided card stock so I chose Medium Card Stock for material.

Load the tools into their clamps.

I am using the Scoring Stylus. Click Edit Tool Settings to choose the Stylus instead of the Scoring Wheel. It gets loaded into Clamp A.

The Fine Cut Blade (Gold color) goes into Clamp B.


Load your mat and cut out your butterflies. You will prompted to unload and load the mat for each color.


After you remove the butterflies from the mat, fold on score lines and add a small removable glue dot to the back.

I placed them all over my office window ?


We hope you enjoyed this short tutorial on how to add score lines to your designs in Cricut Design Space!



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- April 11, 2022

Just went through the tutorial for adding and attaching score lines and I did it! Thank you for making is so clear I could understand. Sometimes images are easier than a video!!!


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