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Create a Melted Crayon Art Canvas Project

From the So Fontsy Blog: Melted Crayon Canvas Art Project

Create a Melted Crayon Art Canvas

Oh man, we have a super fun project for you today.... We are going to channel our inner artist and create a messy canvas project using melted crayons!

Here are the supplies you need:

The Runs with Unicorn Design is part of the Big Starter Home Bundle.

Open a New Project in Cricut Design Space.

Upload your design. The design I chose has several sayings but I only wanted the Unicorn part.


Ungroup the design and delete the pieces you do not need.


I resized the design to approx 9" wide to fit onto my canvas, which is 10 x 10. You can resize to whatever fits best onto your canvas.


Click Weld to keep your design in place.


Click Make It.


Cut out the design, weed it and apply the transfer tape. Place your vinyl onto the canvas. I used Oracal 651 for this project but you could use HTV if you prefer.

Now it's time to assemble your crayons in order of color  - I love rainbow designs! You could do any colors you wish!


I also pre-painted my canvas with acrylic Folk Art paints and let dry for a day before doing this project. You could also do this project without painting the canvas first.

Leave the wrappers on. There's no need to unwrap all those crayons!

Take your paper towel tube and using the hot glue, adhere each crayon in a straight line across the tube.

Melted-Crayon-Canvas-8  Melted-Crayon-Canvas-8b

This allows you to move the crayons around to get the melted look on both top and bottom of the canvas.

Cover your work area with butcher paper or newspaper (or even wrapping paper!) including the wall. Melting wax does fly around!

Lean your canvas against a wall and then rest the crayon paper towel tube across the top of the canvas.


If the crayons topple over, just tape the tube to the back edge of the canvas, like this:


Using a heat gun (or blow dryer) start heating the crayons up! It only takes a few minutes to melt them down the canvas.


Once you are happy with the results, you can flip the canvas over to do the bottom portion or you can leave as is!


After the crayons cooled, I peeled the excess wax off the vinyl and around the design a little.

You could also cover with plastic wrap and masking tape to mask off the area to avoid peeling off the excess wax when finished.

Here is our finished project, which my 6 year old LOVES! It is messy and it's not perfect but it's fun to create :) 


Here is our finished project, which my 6 year old LOVES! It is messy and it's not perfect but it's fun to create :) 


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