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How to Etch Glass using Silhouette Etching Cream



First, bring the design into your cutting software. If you’re using the Floral Letters Alphabet from the August 2019 Bundle like we are, you’ll want to draw a rectangle around the design. This will allow you to weed out the desired part to be etched.

Cut the design on Oracal’s Oramask Stencil Material. Weed away the part to be etched into the glass.

Make sure that the glass medium is clean and dry. Use soap and water — not glass cleaner. Then use transfer tape to transfer the stencil to the glass. Remove the transfer tape.¬†Smooth out any bubbles with the scraper tool.

Make sure the etching cream is shaken well. Be sure to put on those rubber gloves. (We’re working with powerful stuff here, guys, and nobody needs their fingers burned!) Apply a layer of cream using the scraper over the stencil, covering only the parts to be etched. Be careful not to get any cream outside of the Oramask, as the cream etches every part of the glass it touches. If you feel you cannot be trusted with avoiding areas outside your stencil, tape off the edges with painter’s tape. This will prevent any of the etching cream from getting on parts of the glass where you don’t want it.

Let the cream sit for 30-60 seconds. Scrape off any excess cream and put back in the container, since etching cream can be reused. Rinse to get any remaining cream off, then remove the Oramask Stencil. Rinse again and the etching is complete!

Happy Crafting!