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My name is Nataliya Navarro, friends call me Natasha:) I'm originally from Ukraine, moved to US 16 years ago. I have two kids and two grandkids. For me, the best thing in the world is my family, my home, and art. Any kind of art, whatever you can imagine. I feel blessed making living from what I love to do, working full time as a web designer. I have a passion for design since I remember myself. I remember at age 7 I created a jacket for my doll from orange peel:)) It smelled good :))) I barely have free time between full-time job, my art, and family, but when I do I enjoy to spend some time at the beach. Last years I went to Myrtle Beach SC for 3 days just by myself. Just me, iPad, Apple pencil, and the ocean... :)

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