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Create Gifts Worth Giving with These 12 Farmhouse Christmas Designs

Create Gifts Worth Giving with These 12 Farmhouse Christmas Designs
Create Gifts Worth Giving with These 12 Farmhouse Christmas Designs

Farmhouse + Christmas = Our Favorite Combo

We have rounded up some of our farmhouse favorites to make your DIY projects shine.

The holidays are quickly approaching so let’s create gifts worth giving with these 12 Farmhouse Christmas Designs!

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Cricut Design Space: How to Use the Slice Tool to Cut One Image Out Of Another

Cricut Design Space_ How to Use the Slice Tool to Cut One Image Out Of Another H
Cricut Design Space_ How to Use the Slice Tool to Cut One Image Out Of Another V

Cricut Design Space: How to Use the SLICE TOOL to Cut One Image Out of Another

The slice tool is quite possibly one of our favorite Cricut Design Space tools. It’s extremely useful because it allows you to create a new design from existing ones.

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Make a Statement with These 10 Earring Designs

So Fontsy Blog: Make a Statement with These 10 DIY Earring Designs
So Fontsy Blog: Make a Statement with These 10 DIY Earring Designs
So Fontsy Blog: Make a Statement with These 10 DIY Earring Designs

Earrings! Earrings! Earrings!

—-> Make a Statement with These 10 Earring Designs <—-

Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite SVG cut files for earrings.

These designs will work with your Cricut, Silhouette, Scan n Cut, or other favorite die-cutting machine.

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How to Create an Offset/Shadow in Cricut Design Space

So Fontsy Blog How to Create an Offset Shadow in Cricut Design Space H
So Fontsy How to Create an Offset Shadow in Cricut Design Space V2So Fontsy Blog How to Create an Offset Shadow in Cricut Design Space

Let’s learn how to create an “offset/shadow” to your text in Cricut Design Space.

There are several ways that you can achieve a background to shadow your text and today we are going to show you how to quickly create one using only Design Space.

This technique may take a few minutes at first but once you get the hang of it, we promise you’ll be creating offsets in no time at all!

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Don’t Miss These Spooktacular Halloween Designs

So Fontsy Blog Don't Miss These Spooktacular Halloween Designs
So Fontsy Blog Don't Miss These Spooktacular Halloween Designs V

Halloween is right around the corner! Here are some Spooktacular Halloween designs for your DIY projects that you don’t want to miss!

We are excited to share these quick & easy projects that you can easily create with your Cricut, Silhouette, Scan n Cut, or other favorite die cutting machine.

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5 Silhouette or Cricut Wood Slice Craft Project Ideas(Video)

Wood rounds are one of those craft blanks that can be used in a lot of different ways. We like to use these wood slices from Amazon for wood slice crafts because they are sanded, pre drilled, and thin enough to fit under the heat press. That means you can apply heat transfer vinyl to the wood slices.
We used the beautiful floral alphabet SVG set from the August 2019 SVG and Font Bundle but any design or monogram would work perfectly.

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Digital Patterns for Sublimation Tutorial & Free Can Cooler SVG Template

The beauty of sublimation is how vibrant, bright, and permanent the colors are – which makes it perfect for using backgrounds and digital patterns for sublimation.

To use digital patterns, like those found in the , just download them from your So Fontsy account. Continue reading Digital Patterns for Sublimation Tutorial & Free Can Cooler SVG Template

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Need Help Finding Lost Fonts In Silhouette Studio?

Have you ever installed a font that went missing? Need help finding lost fonts in Silhouette Studio?

No worries! Here are 3 reasons why fonts aren’t in the text style list!

fonts not showing in silhouette studio

So you just bought the Dingbats font bundle from So Fontsy and they have gone astray?

ding bats bundle

1) Fonts Aren’t Fully Installed

Fonts must be both downloaded AND installed. If you only download the font on your computer but do not move forward with installing the font, it will not be accessible on your computer at all – not in Silhouette Studio or any other program.

You can see here the Windswept font is downloaded but, it’s 1) not unzipped and 2) not installed.

missing fonts

First it must be unzipped… (still not installed at this point)

missing fonts

Once the OTF or TTF file is double clicked the installation will begin. Now you can see the font is installed as it appears in FontBook on my Mac.

missing fonts

To learn other reasons why your fonts are not showing up, please visit the Silhouette School Blog!









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How To Organize SVG Design Bundles in 3 Steps

It can be overwhelming to organize SVG design bundles when you purchase a bundle that includes dozens or hundreds of designs for Cricut or Silhouette.

There are actually three quick and easy steps or organize SVG design bundles from So Fontsy. Continue reading How To Organize SVG Design Bundles in 3 Steps

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Ready To Make Earrings That You’ll Drool Over?! (VIDEO)

Listen to your ears! It’s time to make them happy with some new earrings! Whether you like more dressy earrings (like the cute ones below) or ones to wear the next time you go to the ballpark, So Fontsy has you covered!

so fontsy earrings

These earrings are so easy to make….trust us!

Melissa recorded this tutorial for you….so you too can make earrings to absolutely die for?

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

So if you are ready to craft up a fashion statement the Earring 2.0 bundle is chock full over 241 bar drop, tear drop and other adorable designs!

so fontsy earring bundle

Oh, did I mention there are 9 card templates as well?! It doesn’t get any better than than the So Fontsy Earring 2.0 bundle, so check it out before it expires on 8/16!

Your ears will thank you later!



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How to Etch Glass using Silhouette Etching Cream



First, bring the design into your cutting software. If you’re using the Floral Letters Alphabet from the August 2019 Bundle like we are, you’ll want to draw a rectangle around the design. This will allow you to weed out the desired part to be etched.

Cut the design on Oracal’s Oramask Stencil Material. Weed away the part to be etched into the glass.

Make sure that the glass medium is clean and dry. Use soap and water — not glass cleaner. Then use transfer tape to transfer the stencil to the glass. Remove the transfer tape. Smooth out any bubbles with the scraper tool.

Make sure the etching cream is shaken well. Be sure to put on those rubber gloves. (We’re working with powerful stuff here, guys, and nobody needs their fingers burned!) Apply a layer of cream using the scraper over the stencil, covering only the parts to be etched. Be careful not to get any cream outside of the Oramask, as the cream etches every part of the glass it touches. If you feel you cannot be trusted with avoiding areas outside your stencil, tape off the edges with painter’s tape. This will prevent any of the etching cream from getting on parts of the glass where you don’t want it.

Let the cream sit for 30-60 seconds. Scrape off any excess cream and put back in the container, since etching cream can be reused. Rinse to get any remaining cream off, then remove the Oramask Stencil. Rinse again and the etching is complete!

Happy Crafting!

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Vinyl Decal Placement Tips For Your Coffee Mug Makeover

Does your coffee mug need a makeover?  Have the perfect decal, but not sure where to place it? We have you covered with these vinyl decal placement tips!

vinyl decal placement for coffee mugs

So you may love this Don’t Be A Little Prick” decal or perhaps you need some other options that better fit your personality?

Have No Fear! Check out So Fontsy’s Mini Mug $5 Buck Bundle for cute designs like this!

so fontsy vinyl decal placementl coffee mug

Ok, you have found the decal of your dreams, the big question is what side of the mug does the decal go on?

The answer is – it depends on who you are making the mug for.

The general rule is the coffee mug decal should be facing outward while the person is holding the mug in their dominate hand.  Not only does this allow the logo to be seen by others while you’re drinking out of the mug, but it places the vinyl decal on the opposite side of where you’ll be placing your mouth.

For more tips about proper coffee mug vinyl decal placement, visit the Silhouette School Blog!



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How to Layer Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl With Silhouette Studio

The manufacturer lists Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl as top layer only, meaning you can’t layer glitter HTV, but it is possible to get the look of glitter on glitter with this simple trick!

Open Silhouette Studio and pull in your multi-colored design (hence the need for layering). We used the Because of the Brave design in So Fontsy’s Hero Bundle!

It’s easiest if you fill the design with the same color HTV you’re going to cut with. If it’s not already, drag the top layer over the bottom layer and position it exactly where you want it.

Open the Modify panel from the right sidebar. With both layers selected, click “Subtract All”.

Move the top layer out of the way (in this case, the lettering). By subtracting all, you’ve removed the shape of the top layer from the bottom layer. This will allow you to put both layers directly on the bag, shirt, etc. while keeping the look of layered HTV.

If you decide to resize from this point going forward, make sure to select both layers at the same time and or the overlap won’t fit directly into your cut out!

Cut the design on Glitter HTV as you normally would and weed away the excess vinyl. Since we’re using two colors of HTV, we have to press two times. It doesn’t matter which layer you press first, but we pressed the bottom layer first (blue glitter in this case) for half the suggested time, removed the carrier sheet, and then lined up the second color (red glitter), pressed for the full suggested time, and removed the carrier sheet.

That’s the simple trick to get the look of layered Glitter HTV!


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Learn How To Bulk Import Digital Patterns To Silhouette Studio

If you haven’t been using digital patterns or paper packs for your Silhouette projects, you’re missing out!  So it’s time to learn how to bulk import digital patterns into Silhouette Studio.

bulk install digital pattterns so fontsy


It’s not only easy to use digital patterns, they can take your custom paper projects to the next level!

Usually digital patterns will come in a pack. For example, the So Fontsy’s NEW Digital Pattern and Background bundle includes 250 digital papers!


digital patterns bundle


Once you download (and unzip) onto your computer you can quickly bulk import them into Silhouette Studio.

In order to import custom patterns to your Fill Patterns library you must have Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or higher.

Start by opening your Silhouette Studio Library and expand the Local User folder so you can see your Patterns folder.

bulk import digital patterns so fontsy

To learn the rest of the process, please check out the step by step instructions at the Silhouette School Blog!

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Bulk Download and Unzip SVG Bundles on Windows PC

Don’t be scared of big SVG Bundles! They don’t take near as long to download and import into Silhouette Studio as you might think.

Bulk downloading and unzipping bundles is super easy, and it’s a huge time saver!

We’re going to use one of So Fontsy’s Five Buck Bundles, the Mini Sign Bundle. It features 17 SVGs for $5!

How to Bulk Download SVG and Font Bundles

Once you purchase a SVG or Font Bundle from So Fontsy, the products in the bundle can be located in two different places of your So Fontsy account: Downloads and Orders.

Downloads will show you all the products from all previous orders. Orders breaks products down into order numbers. Click on an order number to view all individual files from that order.

In this case, I will only be downloading individual files from this bundle so I find that order in the Orders tab and open it.

Bulk download all the files by checking the box at the top, which puts a check mark next to every item below it. Click download selected to start the bulk download.

How to Bulk Unzip Files

Every product in the bundle will download as its own zip file and you can find the zip files wherever your computer stores downloads.

A zip file is a way to compress multiple files. These files are accessible when the zip file is unzipped. All individual products are in zip files which contain multiple file types, such as SVG, PNG, DXF, and JPEG. This gives the customer the choice of which file type you want or can use.

To bulk unzip on a Windows PC, you have to download a third-party software such as 7-Zip.  Once the bulk unzipping software is installed, hold down shift and click on the first and last zip file to select all the individual zip files. On a Windows PC, right click > 7-Zip > Extract Here. To bulk unzip on Mac, follow these steps.

After you unzip the design zip files, you might find either additional zip files or just regular yellow folders inside. These zip files/regular yellow file folders will the the individual SVG, DXF, PNG, etc… folders. This gives you the choice of which file you want or can use. Again, follow the procedure for unzipping if you find another zip folder inside.

Import Files into Silhouette Studio

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bulk import files into Silhouette Studio on a Windows PC. There are 8 Ways to Import or Open Designs Into Silhouette Studio, but we will be using the drag and drop method.

Note: to import SVG files into Silhouette Studio you will need Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or higher… otherwise, import the DXF, PNG, or JPEG file format. 

If you haven’t already created or identified a folder within your Silhouette Studio library where you want to import the SVG designs, you can create a new one.

Right click Designs, then choose New Folder and name the folder. I named the new folder “5BB Mini Sign” because that is the name of the bundle I am moving into my Silhouette Studio library.

Make sure you select the folder in Silhouette Studio that you want the designs in. Drag and drop the desired file type from the individual file folder on your computer — REMEMBER, you will drag either the SVG or the DXF or the PNG, etc… and NOT the entire yellow file folder itself — and drop that into the space of the newly created Silhouette library folder.

It may take a couple seconds to process, but the designs will import and begin showing up in the folder in Silhouette Studio.

Now that you know how to bulk download, bulk unzip, and import into Silhouette Studio, you can take full advantage of all the awesome SVG and Font Bundles on So Fontsy!

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Are You Ready For Borderless Printing From Silhouette Studio?

You now what’s awesome? Borderless printing is!

borderless printing silhouette studio


When you’re printing DIY patterned vinyl and you can print edge to edge from Silhouette Studio!

Not only do you avoid the white border around the printable vinyl sheet, but you also maximize your printable – and therefore cuttable – area.

You will be able to leverage these new skills when you purchase the Digital Pattern and Background Bundle from So Fontsy!

digital patterns so fontsy

Ok eager to get started huh?

So let’s begin shall we?!

Start in Silhouette Studio by opening the Page Set Up panel and changing the Page Size to “Current Printer.”

Check the box for Print border so you see the gray line.  As it is here, the area outside the print border will NOT print. We are going to change that.


borderless printing screenshot - so fontsy


Go to File > Print Page Set Up.


borderless printing so fontsy


Be sure to check out the rest of our step by step instructions on the Silhouette School Blog!

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Digital Patterns: 7 Uses For Die Cutting

Ever wondered what the purpose of digital patterns were, and how on earth they would fit into crafting with your die cutting machine? We’re here to show you 7 ways to use them, from custom vinyl to paper crafting!


  1. Fill Designs In Silhouette Studio With Digital Patterns: If you do Silhouette Print and Cut projects, especially, you’ll find this three step process really useful!
  2. Turn Digital Patterns into Cut Files (or Backgrounds): What if you find a pattern that you like, but you want to use it as a background? It is possible and it is easy to do.
  3. DIY Vinyl Printing With Inkjet Printable Vinyl Sheets: Ever in need of a specific patterned vinyl, but can’t find it? You can print full sheets of printable vinyl at home!

digital patterns to make vinyl decals


4. Use Digital Patterns to Make Custom Paper in Silhouette Studio: The secret is seamless patterns and the My Patterns folder!

digital patterns to make custom papers


5. Add Digital Patterns to 3D Silhouette Studio Designs:  You can turn all those adorable boxes and 3D paper designs into Silhouette print & cut designs with a patterned fill!

digital patterns mailbox

Continue reading Digital Patterns: 7 Uses For Die Cutting

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Siser EasySubli Heat Transfer: FAQ About Everything Sublimation HTV!

Siser EasySubli and Sawgrass EasySubli Inks are finally here…and not surprisingly there are a lot of questions around the products, the process, and the pros and cons especially compared to inkjet printable heat transfer. So we decided to make everyone’s life easier and put together the ultimate FAQ for everything Siser EasySubli Heat Transfer!

sublimation HTV So Fontsy


I have to admit it took me months of talking directly with Sawgrass and Siser to fully understand this heat transfer vinyl-meets-sublimation product. All they had to do was tell me…Melissa, EasySubli heat transfer material is printable using a sublimation printer which results in sublimation-quality color prints that can be applied to cotton and darks!

Yup it’s print and cut….with the new Siser EasySubli printable Heat Transfer material using a sublimation printer and Silhouette cutting machine.  I think the concept is a bit difficult to understand at first because it’s not like traditional sublimation and there’s already printable HTV on the market that you can use with your home inkjet printer – but EasySubli is where they collide.  You are actually sublimating directly onto the heat transfer material rather than the final good – like a t-shirt.

There are both pros and cons to this.

Let me try to answer some of the most FAQ on Siser EasySubli for you so you can decide if it’s a product and process you want to try!

To check out Melissa’s answers, please visit the Silhouette School Blog!


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How To Make A Personalized Burlap Garden Flag

We had so much fun making this personalized burlap garden flag!

For this specific flag, we used a design from the Camping Bundle – Best Sellers – 13 Designs – Vol 2 in the So Fontsy Camping Bundle and added our own personalization text.

Cut the design as you normally would and weed away the excess vinyl. You need to use Heat Transfer Vinyl for burlap projects and we used Siser Easyweed from Swing Design.

You can use your heat press to apply the HTV design. The easiest way to apply HTV to burlap is detailed on Silhouette School.

We used two different colors of HTV, which requires two different presses. Press one color (we did black first) for the suggested time, remove the carrier sheet, then line up the second color (blue), press for the second time, and remove the carrier sheet.

And just like that, you created an adorable personalized burlap flag!

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Tips To Open Zip Files & To Bulk Import In Silhouette Studio

If you have purchased or downloaded cut file designs, to cut on your Silhouette machine, from sites such as So Fontsy, it’s very likely that the designs were delivered in zip files.

So how do you unzip a file and perform a bulk import? Well. first let’s get everyone on the same page.

zip file in silhouette studio



What is a zip file? Well, no fear Melissa has the answer for you!

A zip file is simply a way for multiple files to be compressed and delivered in one single folder.

Don’t worry this will be painless! Trust us.

Let’s say you purchase the ginormous Bundle of Bundles from So Fontsy.  The bundle includes about 685 different personal and commercial use designs!


Bundle of Bundles


It seems like a daunting task to zip and unzip but don’t you worry!

Downloading Zip Files onto Your Computer

When you download this SVG/PNG bundle to your computer, you have the option to download all the files individually or you can download the Quick Zip file which contains all of the SVG designs in one zip folder.

Learn how to download these files and much more by going to our easy step by step tutorial on the Silhouette School Blog!






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Find Out The Fastest Way To Install Fonts From Bundles In Silhouette Studio

A lot of SVG bundles including both SVG designs and fonts and since they are each installed differently it’s important to know how to bulk install fonts too!

how to install fonts silhouette school


The  dollar font bundle is an great example since it includes 20 fonts. Who has time to download 20 fonts individually?  Am I right?!


so fontsy dollar bundle


The great news about fonts is once they are installed on your computer, a simple restart of Silhouette Studio will have the the fonts show up in Silhouette Studio automatically

Bulk installing fonts and getting them into Silhouette Studio is just a quick four step process.  When purchasing font bundles from So Fontsy the first two steps of bulk downloading and bulk unzipping are exactly the same as the process of organizing SVG designs.

Learn step by step instructions on how to bulk install fonts on the Silhouette School Blog!

The following will be covered:

  1. How to Bulk Download Font Bundles
  2. How to Bulk Unzip Files
  3. How to Bulk Install Fonts
  4. Installing New Fonts In Silhouette Studio

You will be a Font Downloading Rock Star in no time at all!



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50K Instagram Giveaway!! Win a So Fontsy Bundle Of Your Choice!

So Fontsy just hit 50k Instagram friends and because we like friends, we’re celebrating the best way we know how…with a GIVEAWAY!! To enter just fill out the entries below and earn an entry for each one!

The giveaway is open until Monday, July 1 til Friday, July 5.  We’ll choose two random winners! One will win the Bundle of Bundles (or get refunded for it if they already purchased it) and the other can pick their prize…any active So Fontsy bundle of their choice!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Preview (opens in a new window)And don’t forget, we want to see what you’re making with So Fontsy fonts and designs so show us!!
Use the hashtag #IMSOFONTSY on Instagram and we could feature you on ours!!

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Your How To Guide To Make Foil Quill Stickers With Silhouette

Foil Quill Stickers With Silhouette

Creating foil quill stickers is easier than you think with the Silhouette Cameo!

I put together this easy tutorial, check it out below!

To start you want to find your sticker design. So Fontsy has a large collection of sticker designs and SVG design sets that can be used as stickers you can pick from. After downloading the sticker designs import them into your software program – such as Silhouette Studio.

Continue reading on the Silhouette Studio Blog.

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Vinyl Cutter Comparison: Silhouette Cameo 3 Vs. Silhouette Cameo 4

silhouette cameo comparison

The new Silhouette CAMEO 4 will be released later this year….

So as a Silhouette CAMEO 3 (and older model) owner you are asking, “Do I need to upgrade to the CAMEO 4?”

Don’t Worry! 🙂

We took the guess work out for you by creating a cutter comparison chart.

Check it out on the Silhouette School Blog

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Make Paper Craft Projects with Vinyl

Did you know you can add adhesive vinyl to paper cards and other paper projects?

For this framed paper sign, we created the design using a design in the Handwritten Wedding Mini SVG Bundle from the So Fontsy June 2019 Bundle.

Cut the vinyl design as you normally would and weed away the excess vinyl.  You can use Oracal 651 or Oracal 631 vinyl for paper projects.

Use light tack transfer tape to pick up the vinyl design off the backing. Position it over the paper and apply. Burnish the vinyl decal through the transfer tape to get the vinyl to stick to the paper.

Remove the transfer tape at an angle.

Place the paper into a frame and you’ve created yourself a beautiful custom sign. This technique can also be used for card, scrapbook pages, or other paper projects!


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silhouette studio mock ups so fontsy

Mock Up photos help sell physical goods and digital designs by letting potential customers ‘see’ the finished product without you actually creating it first.  Put it to you this way…which of the above sets do you think sells more?

Craft mock ups are a huge help in selling digital products as well allowing designers to show examples of how their cut files can be used.  These five tips will help you take your mock up game to the next level so you can sell more – and at a higher price!

Before we even into how to create mock ups in Silhouette Studio – a warning. Always make sure you have mastered how to make the actual product you’re selling. It’s great if you can make that custom shirt made with HTV look good on a mock up, but if the HTV is peeling off the finished product because you haven’t yet mastered heat transfer vinyl…that’s false advertising and the quickest way to kill your Silhouette business.

Read More About These Mock Up Tips At  The Silhouette School Blog!

So Fontsy has hundreds of professional craft mock up photos for crafters. Check them out here!



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Silhouette CAMEO 4 Features, Price, and Pre Order

The Silhouette CAMEO 4 will be released later in 2019. Compared to the Silhouette CAMEO 3, the CAMEO 4 will have updated features, cutting ability and three times the speed.

Silhouette CAMEO 4

Silhouette CAMEO 4 Features

  • Increased Downward Force – up to 5kg (5000 g)
  • Increased Cutting Speed – About 3x Faster than CAMEO 3
  • Ability to use Silhouette Rotary Blade
  • Ability to use Silhouette Kraft Blade
  • Single tap AutoBlade
  • Larger Tool Carriage Housing
  • Gear Driven Tool Carriage to accommodate Rotary Blade, Kraft Blade, and new Auto Blade
  • Touch Panel
  • Auto Tool Detection
  • Built-in Pull Out Roll Feeder
  • Retractable Cover

12″ CAMEO 4 Price

The price will start at $299 for the base machine with Silhouette CAMEO 4 bundles starting at $329.

Silhouette School and Swing Design – who will begin pre-orders of the Silhouette CAMEO 4  in late summer – were both at Silhouette America’s 2019 Summit meeting in Hawaii earlier this month.  The Silhouette CAMEO 4 was just one of several new Silhouette machines in 2019.  Silhouette America also announced it will release a 15″ Silhouette CAMEO Plus and 20″ Silhouette CAMEO Pro. Both of the wider Silhouette machines are expected to be released in early 2020.

More details on the Silhouette CAMEO 4 including how it compares to the Silhouette CAMEO 3 and Cricut Maker can be found on Silhouette School Blog.

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How to Make a Multi Color Layered Vinyl Monogram

Materials for Vinyl Decal:

No need to keep your monograms all one color – you can create multi-color vinyl monogram decals by layering vinyl.

This mandala design from the Mandala Bundle – and also sold here individually – is perfect.  Download the design, unzip, and bring it into your software program.  This tutorial will show you how to open SVG designs into Silhouette Studio and this tutorial will walk you through opening SVG designs in Cricut Design Space. Continue reading How to Make a Multi Color Layered Vinyl Monogram