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How to Cut SVGs with Silhouette CAMEO

To cut SVGs with Silhouette CAMEO you must have the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software or higher (Designer Edition Plus or Business Edition) to open the SVG file in Silhouette Studio. With the upgraded software installed, you can open SVGs by going to File > Open. How to Cut SVGs with Silhouette CAMEO Navigate to the file on your computer. If the SVG is contained within a Zip file, the zip file will need to be unzipped to access the SVG.  Select the file and click "Okay" to open it in Silhouette Studio. How to Cut SVGs with Silhouette CAMEO Once the SVG is open in Silhouette Studio, you'll need to turn the cut lines on. Do this by going to the Send panel. Select the design, by clicking it, then pick "Cut" in the Send panel. When the bold red lines appear around the edges of the design that means the cut lines are on and you're ready to cut the SVG. How to Cut SVGs with Silhouette CAMEO If you do not have Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or higher, you can open the DXF or PNG version of the file rather than the SVG. The PNG design will need to be traced in order to create cut lines. This tutorial will show you how to trace a PNG file in Silhouette Studio to create cut lines around it so it can be cut on the Silhouette cutting machines.


Sharon Pankey

- January 18, 2021

so very helpful. Thank you


- January 07, 2021

So easy. Thanks for the tip

Kennedy Colleen

- December 29, 2020

Thank you, as beginners this information is invaluable! Appreciate you teaching us!


- October 27, 2020

I found this very informative

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